15 May 2014 – Volunteering Open Day (Canberra)

In celebration of National Volunteer Week 2014, Volunteering ACT is hosting a Volunteering Open Day. The open day aligns with the theme of National Volunteer Week ‘Celebrate the Power of Volunteering’ and strives to make our volunteer work force in the ACT more powerful by providing a call to action to the general public to get involved in volunteering.

The Volunteering Open Day provides an opportunity for people to get out and connect with their local volunteer involving organisations, find out what positions they have available and check out their volunteering programs.

Volunteering ACT is calling on their members to open up their doors to the public between 11am – 1pm on Thursday 15 May to showcase their volunteering programs and engage with people considering volunteering.

Over the next few weeks, Volunteering ACT will be asking each of their members to register as a participating organisation. In the lead up to National Volunteer Week, Volunteering ACT will be promoting registered organisations and encouraging the general public to check out these organisations on Thursday 15 May 2014 between 11am – 1pm and sign up as volunteers!

To register as a participating organisation or for more information click here.

Date: Thursday 15 May 2014
Time: 11am – 1pm
Place: Your local volunteer involving organisation!!!
Call Emilie on 6251 4060 for more information.