Negotiating Relationships with and among Volunteers with Susan Ellis

How do you manage long-time and new volunteers to use their time, passion and skills effectively?

Unfortunately, too often we suspend what we know about performance management when working with volunteers. Mutually expressing clear and transparent expectations is key to effective volunteer engagement, most particularly with those who are recruited for governance and other highly skilled roles.

Susan Ellis, the President of Energize, Inc., an international training, consulting, and publishing firm that specialises in volunteerism, will be presenting a webinar on Wednesday 9 March 11am.

This 60 minute webinar, Negotiating Relationships with and among Volunteers, will teach you how to engage and manage your volunteers successfully. Susan Ellis, will explore the thorny issues and procedures surrounding volunteer roles, “inherited” volunteers who pre-date you and how to maximise volunteer contribution.

Ellis is joining us from the US as she is no longer able to attend the 2016 National Volunteering Conference. Susan was scheduled to present a keynote address and a workshop, however is unable to travel to Australia at this time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear her speak live.

For more information and to register visit the ProBono Australia website.