Volunteering Australia Response on a National Sports Plan

Volunteering Australia have provided a response to the Australian Sports Commission on a National Sports Plan.

The National Sports Plan aims to guide the future priorities and approaches of the Australian sporting sector for the long-term.

The development of the Plan is a key Government priority, and seeks to identify how to maximise the participation of Australians in sport, reduce barriers to participation, improve health and well being through physical activity, and respond to governance and sporting infrastructure issues.

Volunteering Australia believes that a National Sport Plan needs to acknowledge volunteering as a key pillar for sporting activity in Australia, and develop mechanisms to facilitate and enhance its contribution.

Volunteering Australia have emphasised that there must be adequate consideration of volunteering in policy development and workforce planning. Our response also highlights the need for a sustained investment into the volunteering sector by the Australian Government to ensure long-term benefits.

Read Volunteering Australia’s Response on a National Sports Plan here.