Planning and Strategies Committee

PASC Group shot

The Planning and Strategies Committee of the Volunteering Australia (VA) Board is established as a sub-committee of the Board under the authority of the VA Constitution.  It assists the Board within the scope of its remit and makes recommendations to the Board for resolution.

The role of the committee is to:

  • Contribute to the development of the VA Business Plan and the VA Work Plan
  • Provide oversight on  the implementation of the Volunteering Australia’s  Work Plan
  • Provide oversight on  the implementation of Volunteering Australia’s Business Plan
  • Drive  national strategies,  initiatives and responses
  • Make recommendations to the VA Board in relation to its remit
  • Support the Board in its  activities and processes
  • Provide advice to the VA Board on improvements or modifications to the operations of the Sub-Committee
  • To undertake other tasks assigned by the VA Board

The PASC comprises of the VA Board’s Vice-President, a VA Board member, the Foundation Member States/Territories Chief Executive Officers and the VA Chief Executive Officer.

Pictured above:  Kevin Thompson, Mara Basanovic, Perry Hembury, Gemma Rygate, Brett Williamson, Maureen Cane, Evelyn O’Loughlin, Adrienne Picone, Sue Noble (Andrew Coghlan not present).