2016 FEDERAL ELECTION: Candidates

Imagine an Australia without volunteers

Volunteering supports the work of the federal Government – every day, in every community.

Whether it’s:

  • The volunteer conservationists who keep our local rivers clean and beautiful
  • The volunteer story-time readers who enrich our local libraries
  • The volunteer meals on wheels drivers who support our home and community care workers to care for our elderly neighbours
  • The volunteer sportspeople who coach Australia’s future sporting champions
  • The volunteer arts practitioners who run our local community arts festivals
  • The volunteers at the rescue centre who ready abandoned puppies for their new homes
  • The volunteer firefighters who protect Australia’s bush
  • The volunteer lifesavers who patrol Australia’s beaches
  • or even the volunteers who staff your polling booths on election day,

Volunteering spans Government portfolios and supports Australia and Australians in every walk of life.  An estimated 5.8 million Australians, or 31% of the population, volunteer each year, contributing an average $290 billion to our economy.

Australia wouldn’t work without volunteers.  But recent data shows that the number of volunteers in Australia is decreasing – just as we need volunteers more than ever.  In 17 years, there are predicted to be 55 dependants for every 100 workers in Australia as our population hits 32 million.  Volunteering Australia’s recent State of Volunteering report found that 86% of volunteer-involving organisations have vacancies for volunteers that they need to fill.  And there is particular need for volunteers in sectors such as youth and ageing – two dramatically growing demographics.

This Federal Election, we’re asking you to take the pledge to Vote for Volunteering.

I acknowledge that volunteering supports the work of the federal government through the delivery of core programs, making a significant contribution to the Australian economy and society.  I further acknowledge that the delivery of successful volunteering programs requires adequate funding that must keep pace with the growth in demand.  I am concerned by reports that the number of volunteers in Australia is decreasing and believe Government must show the leadership required to encourage more people into volunteering.

I pledge to work in partnership with the volunteering sector to support the work of volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteer-involving organisations if elected on July 2.

What this looks like to the sector:

  • A new National Volunteering Strategy that is non-partisan and developed in partnership with Volunteering Australia and other relevant sectors
  • A commitment to increased federal funding to volunteering that is managed sustainably, consistently and transparently, and that is allocated as a result of independent research and collaboration with the sector in the form of a Productivity Commission inquiry
  • An acknowledgement that the work of volunteering crosses all portfolios of the Government, and must be administered accordingly
  • An increase in support for volunteering in areas with critical caps, such as aged care, disability services, emergency management and youth.

We urge you to share your pledge on social media using the hashtag, #Vote4Volunteering.

We’ll also promote your pledge on this website, and we’ll email our thousands of volunteer members and managers just before the election to let them know who has signed the pledge.

You can take the pledge and Vote for Volunteering now by completing the form below or by signing the Vote4Volunteers Pledge and emailing us directly at marketing@volunteeringaustralia.org

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