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The National Volunteering Support Services Advocacy Campaign aims to promote the vital role Volunteering Support Services play in promoting safe, effective and sustainable volunteering programs and the need for the Federal Government to retain designated funding for Volunteering Support Services.

The issues at hand affects volunteering across all States/Territories, which is why a national approach from all levels of the sector is necessary. We suggest you contact your local Volunteering Support Service to ask how you can best support them during this campaign.

Our creative platform – A Tower of Strength

Explaining the many layers of volunteering can be complicated, which is why our campaign communications use a creative execution that any audience can immediately relate to.

The complete tower of bricks symbolises a strong and resilient volunteering community. It is made up of a number of coloured bricks that represent tangible and intangible services provided by Volunteering Support Services. They are connecting and supporting the people in a community, who are represented by the brown bricks.

When you start removing the coloured bricks, the tower of community strength and resilience will be weakened and there is the potential it will be compromised or collapse.

Campaign resources

A number of campaign resources, using the Tower of Strength campaign message, have been developed that Volunteering Involving Organisations can use across your networks and local community to raise support to retain designated funding for Volunteering Support Services and promote safe, effective and sustainable volunteering.

Campaign Pack

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Campaign Postcard - Back VV066 VSS Postcard - FA_back
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Reference Sheets

Additional resources that are in development:

  • Key messages
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