Our approved insurance broker – Aon

Are you missing a piece(s) of your NFPs insurance puzzle?

Aon has launched an online, interactive and customer-friendly NFP Insurance Puzzle Solver (IPS). By answering only 10 simple YES/NO questions about your NFP, the IPS will help identify the insurance covers suited to your organisation, then give you the option to apply for them online. Or if you prefer, request a call back from our NFP team or receive the forms to complete at your leisure.

Plus, should your activities not change over the next year there will also be no forms at renewal!

Why have we chosen Aon?

Volunteering Australia is proud to continue to call Aon Risk Services our approved insurance partner. Watch the video below featuring former Volunteering Australia CEO Brett Williamson, and Aon’s NFP Client Director Gavin Deadman, as they discuss how the partnership delivers value through educational material and tools as well as advice to ensure your organisation has the right insurance. These can be accessed via: Aon’s Volunteering Australia Resource Centre.

Visit Aon’s Volunteering Australia Resource Centre

The centre has been designed as a central resource to help you learn more about insurance and how to reduce the risk of a claim. You can also use it to ask Sam Small and our NFP team your burning insurance questions, who are there to help you get the right cover for your organisation and its people.

Why does your voluntary organisation need insurance?

NFP organisations can be exposed to a number of risks. It’s important that you are adequately covered for these, should the worst happen and a claim be made against you or your organisation. Some of these risks, which are all covered by Aon insurance include; Public Liability, Protector/Association liability, Property insurance and owned and non-owned motor vehicle insurance. For more information about the 6 common covers NFP organisations need, check out our Pieces of the Puzzle flyer or call our NFP team on 1800 123 266.

Why does your organisation need cover for volunteers?

Volunteer insurance is one way a NFP organisation protects itself, its volunteers, paid staff, management committee, clients and customers against risk.

The Work Health & Safety legislation requires organisations to organise personal accident and public liability insurance on behalf of their volunteer, it’s not the duty of the volunteer. Aon offer a comprehensive, cost competitive cover for this, that you can quickly and easily buy online though their Volunteer Personal Accident page.

Volunteer involving organisations should also reduce risk to its staff, clients and customers through proper health, safety, training and management practices and document procedures.

Your Insurance Options Explained

AFF0840 Volunteering Australia Thumbnail-puzzleflyer*Your insurance options explained with our Pieces of the Puzzle flyer. With over 30 years experience assisting the NFP sector, Aon have identified the 6 common types of cover that NFP organisations need.
AFF0840-Volunteering-Australia-Thumbnail-puzzle*The NFP Insurance Puzzle Solver helps you identify the insurance covers your organisation needs, and those you don't, and then allows you to apply for on those, online.
AFF0840 Volunteering Australia Thumbnails-conversationguide*Getting the right cover – Aon have created a free Conversation Guide to help you get started.
AFF0840 Volunteering Australia Thumbnails-nonmedicare*NFP Non-Medicare Expenses- Aon has put together an insightful piece to help explain, under the Health and Health Insurance Acts, what volunteers are covered for through an organisation's insurance and where Medicare should foot the bill. Help make your NFP and your volunteers aware by sharing this article.

10 Reasons to buy cyber liability insurance

Aon has released a fact sheet outlining the 10 Reasons to buy cyber liability insurance and now have a tailored product (and webpage) dedicated to their NFP Cyber insurance solution. For more information and to apply online, please visit

How to apply

Try our NFP Insurance Puzzle Solver to identify the covers you need and then apply for only them online, requests a call back from our dedicated NFP team, or receive the forms you need by email to complete at a more suitable time.

Volunteering Australia does not underwrite or provide any advice in relation to Insurance. All enquiries as to the scope, terms and cost of insurance for Volunteering Australia members should be directed to Aon’s NFP team.

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